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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Murder of Crows
-Pen and Ink, water color, colored pencil

Main characters from a story that I'm working on. Top Left- the hooded machines that fight for the good of man named called The Crows. Bottom Left- Main character who wears a mask and whom I have yet to find a name for. Top Right- Mordecai the leader of what is left of the human army called the Crusaders. Bottom Right- A soldier of the Crusaders.
I hope to make this into either a graphic novel of some sort, or even an animation.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

BT freaking BAM
-Prisma colored pencils

If you don't know what that means it stands for BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME. I hope to someday get this signed by Sir Tommy Rodgers himself, only the most amazing artist and lead singer of the most amazing band to ever touch the earth with their mighty awesome power. Not to mention they are Vegan, so they have super powers too..

Ramble 1

So I've decided to start a little segment, which I will not deem weekly for if I set it to a schedule it will never be accomplished, therefore I deem it a once in a while rantsortathing. But anywhoo.. I really dont know if anything insightful will come from it but I'll try and keep stuff on topic....

Ok so I have realized that i am an overall negative person and I hate a lot of stuff. I think one of the things I hate the most are people. What was God thinking creating all these miserable meat sacs that only hate steal and kill their way to money only so that they can get laid. Is getting a girl to like you really the goal of human existence? We all check out the hot girl walking by and worry every morning what we are going to wear or what cologne that might catch some passer-by's attention or some dumb crap like that. Not that we should all be slobs or not dress nicely, but when do we start doing things for ourselves. Wear a dress shirt because You want to look your best. I really don't know where I'm going with this but I guess the title allows for this.
I want to be my own man and do whatever I want and not let anyone eses feelings or emotions get in the way of that. I don't just want to do art because it looks pretty or not even to simply teach a sunday school lesson or animate stupid clay things because people will be like cool I didn't think of that. I want to be the best artist that any man can be. There are those people that you just get the feeling that you want to impress them or like show that your opinions and talents would be put to good use in their eyes. Like in my history class for whatever reason I feel like when Smith asks a question I truly want to answer it and make him proud that I'm not just another one of those stupid freshmen that haven't a clue. The one man I want to honor and impress is in Heaven by the name of Mr. Ken Gaydos. Probably, well no thats a lie. THE most artistically influential man in my life whose words still ring in my head every time I draw, is someone that I want to glorify through my artwork and just simply show people that I was taught by one of the masters.
I have lost track at this point.
But still I want to rely on my arts as my lifestyle and make it a full time job. Not just in some cubicle or not some aspect of my life but my art will be my life. I want to be consumed in it and let it flow and not hold it back. I'm not doing it for anyone. Not my professors, or my friends or my university or my future job, but for myself and to create something beautiful.

Friday, February 11, 2011

-Ink and watercolor
My obsession with patterns continued with this piece and I have grown to like the odd shaped canvas. This was the first piece of art that I had sold a print of.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

-Pen and Ink
Another work inspired by Ian Miller.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Morgoth- form J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Silmarillion"
-Pen and Ink
A lot of this is pretty old stuff but I still like it, anywhoo..
I did this in a figure drawing class and we had to do a face so I got some inspiration from Ian Miller who, he and M.C. Escher, have heavily influenced my style.
-Fine Point Sharpies
I got some sharpies and picked out the girliest colors and tried to make the most manly drawing.
I might submit it to Threadless and see what they think..

Nature Vs. Society
-Watercolor and Ink
Whenever I put this out on display people always tend to want to flip it over and look at it from the other perspective, which is very interesting to me that people would rather see from the city's point of view than that of Nature.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Still life of things on my desk
water color and ink.

Discovery of Nature

Man has created a very mechanical and structured world out of a wild and seemingly uncontrollable chaos. When we finally take the time to appreciate the nature that we are slowly destroying is when we can become human again.