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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Orange- Ink, Photoshop

This is just me trying out a different technique thing (the center triangle object) and using a new red pen i got, but photoshop decided it would look a lot cooler of it were orange.. maybe a tattoo? maybe just a drawing? dont know. I actually drew this a few months ago, but forgot about it in a different drawing pad and never put it up, but its up now so ha!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ramble III

Ya, that kid is pretty much how I feel lately. I am pretty sick of the DMA department in general at good ol' HU. First off last year they added freaking broadcasting to the DIGITAL MEDIA ARTS department.. really broadcasting.. their showcase was even weaker than the film department's.
speaking of film.. Screw them. I had to change classes because there were two storyboarding and concept classes and one was for film and the other one was for animation... easy fix.. give it a new dang name..
Film students are always so concerned with their own ideas and own projects that they dont give a crap what is going on around campus, everyone must cease what they are doing and stop and listen to their stupid ideas that are being filmed in the middle of the darn mall.. I for one am sick of the entire DMA department all together. I mean animation is great and all, but I really want to be more of a flourishing artist, rather than a pretentious short film maker... I used to see animation as an art form, and actually do enjoy doing it, it's just the upper lever classes and work that has to be done on a computer with no paint or canvases in sight, surrounded by a bunch of home schooled kids who were locked in the closet and played video games all day in the middle of summer... it just looses it's appeal after a while, where as doing art for various companies, maybe even working right along side those geeky freaks in the making of something would be alright, but this slow progressive forceful clamp that has film and animation being made into one thing is all wrong. Just because they work in the same building and use some of the same materials, does not make film and animation equals. Animation, is obviously far more superior in story telling ability, artwork, technique, use of thought, and just all around more skill in just about everything that the even more freaking annoying film kids are...
So what i'm trying to say is that Graphic Design even tastes better coming out of my mouth than animation, or film does... so idk... deal with it.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ramble II

Well.. this summer blows.. I am trying to find some sort of work, and in the mean time struggling to find some motivation to get my a in gear and actually do some work. I have started a few things, but getting the ball rolling is always the hardest part. I am working on a friend's tattoo right now, and considering getting one of my own.. Looking for some inspiration, but it will probably look like something from Ian miller, mixed with Escher, well hopefully, I mean I'm not as good as them, but that's what were gonna aim for.
In other news this summer sucks, oh I already said that.. But! I have a car, and next year at good ol' Huntington is gonna rock my socks, especially since all but one of my classes have to do with drawing ( although I normally try to make every class have something to do with drawing (my notes art will be coming soon)). Well this ramble is not nearly as theological or interesting as the other one, I guess I could talk about how my church is becoming a cult of technologically mind washed lemmings, but I'll save that for another night... toodles..